In most cases, what are sought

are items that would not be out of place in the dark ages or the

renaissance. Worn, used or rustic looks are preferred.


RED =items: high priority

GREEN= items: already acquired

BLACK= items: not yet acquired


Prop                   Description                               Character                 Scene #-


                          Items for forest bandits. These should be medieval

                      Looking. Preferably rustic looking, well worn or

                      handmade.  Mismatched items fine.

3 longbows (Or similar)       (Preferably all functional)                     Bandits

3 quivers                                                                                                    Bandits

24 arrows                                                                                                   Bandits

                             Items for group of medieval soldiers.

                        Medieval style, Matching items  if possible

                        Bronze or brass preferred over steel.                           

6 crossbows     (Functional if possible)                                              Henchmen

6 quivers for crossbows with bolts                                                     Henchmen

8 short swords with scabbards  (Blunt preferred)                             Henchmen

12 sets of light armor                                                                             Henchmen

8 daggers with sheaths        (Blunt or non-functional ok)                  Henchmen

6 pikes                                                                                                      Henchmen

                                            Unique items

1 Battle Axe (Or war hammer)      (Big, medieval, handmade)      Commander

1 set of  more complete armor for commander                                  Commander

Misc. Dragon bones and claws                                                           Dragon Hunter

Harp or lute (Or other medieval musical instrument)                      Minstrel

Small and even smaller wooden kegs and casks with carrying straps Whiskey man 

Fake machine gun (Something that fires caps or blanks only)          Chuck

Shotgun or UZI                                                                                      Chuck

Spiked steel manacles and collar with bronze chains                               Barbarians


Coronet                                                                          Duke

Bed                         Rustic, Elven, Otherworld           Elven Child                                           

Bedding                 Rustic, Woolen, Furs, natural      Elven Child                          

Backpack               Rustic, handmade, leather            Elfwitch Mother

Backpack (ver#2)  Weathered, old, leather                Elfwitch  

Staff (Ver #1)        Mystic, Rustic, Elven                     Elfwitch Mother           

Staff (Ver #2)        Mystic, Old, battered                     Elfwitch Mother            

Staff  (Ver #3)        Old, Burned, shorter                     Elfwitch Mother

Staff (Ver #4)        Transformed, growing                   Elfwitch Mother

honeycomb            wrapped in oilcloth                         Elfwitch girl

Books& scrolls      Handmade, mystic, elven               Elfwitch mother

Books& scrolls(Ver#2)   weathered, tattered               Elfwitch

Colored Powder   In a bag or bottle                               Elfwitch Mother

4 Iron quarrels     Ornate, wicked looking                     Commander

Box for quarrels   Medieval, locking                               Commander

Circle of desert ground                                                           Elfwitch Girl

20 “Soft Quarrels”    Medieval, safety                                  Henchmen

12 “Shattering quarrels”                                                          Henchmen

Vintage automobile    Authentic                                             Bystander

Circle of snow         Portable, bloodstained                          Elfwitch Girl

Jar of colored salve                                                                       Elfwitch

Teapot, Cups, tray    Old, Odd                                                    Elfwitch

Bag of wet clothes                                                                         Apprentice

Comforter                                                                                      Elfwitch

Cat                                            Evil                                                Elfwitch

RPG gaming supplies                                                                     Gaming nerds

General gamer memorabilia      Posters, etc.                                Gaming Nerds

Iron Bracelets                                                                                  Apprentice

Ticking Clock                                          Old                                        Elfwitch

Wand holster                                                                                             Apprentice 

Nerd Backpack                                                                                           Nerd#1 

Headset                                          Call center                                         Office Zombie

Paperclip noose and unattached segment                                            Office Zombie 

38 “Ribbons of Shame”                                                                       Office Zombie             


Leaves                                                                                                      Portal

Briefcase                                                                                                   Office Zombie

Briefcase(Ver #2)     Battered, skewered                                              Office Zombie

Red Stapler                                                                                              Office Zombie

Cut in half office chair                  NOT steel!                                          Office

Misc Office supplies and papers                                                           Office Zombie

Duffel bag?                                                                                              Chuck 

Large rustic cloth sack                                                                             Bandits

4 masks                        Cloth, dirty                                                          Bandits

Container of powder                                                                                 elfwitch

Orcish? language road sign          Weathered, strange, rustic                     Road

Campfire                                                                                                      Party

Odd roasting animal carcass on spit                                                         Party

Cooked Ribs                                                                                                 Party 

Battle axe (Various damage effects)                                                  Barbarian Leader

Fake combat rock                                                                                    Office Zombie

Sack of loot                                                                                             Barbarians

Coarse bed or cloaks                                                                              Barbarians

2 barbarian backpacks                                                                           Barbarians 

2 wooden stakes and spit over fire                                                       Barbarians

Keyes For manacles                                                                                Barbarians

Large chunk of meat on a spit                                                            Grendel Woman 

Large Dragon Hunter Backpack                                                         Dragon Hunter

Blank Minstrel book                                                                            Minstrel

Glowing bottle of Veritaine                                                                Whiskey man

Custom container for veritaine bottle                                                 Whiskey Man 

8 tiny cups in presentation box                                                             Whiskey Man

Hollow Dagger                                                                                       Thief

Cheetos                                                                                                   Nerd #1 

2 Crusty loaves of bread                                                                       Office Zombie 


Quill pen and ink                                                                                  Minstrel

Prepacked Nerd Backpack                                                                   Nerd #2 or 3  

8 sets of shackles and/or rope                                                          guards

10 soft tip quarrels                                                                              Guards

8 sets of iron wall manacles                                                               Duke

brazier                                                                                                   guard

8 torture inplements                                                                            guard 

Long oak table                                                                                     Duke

Wooden chairs or benches                                                                  Duke

Stretcher/litter                                                                                      Elfwitch mother

Dragon Scroll                                                                                        Nerd#3

Melted chains or burned rope                                                              Nerd#3

Peasant cups                                                                                        Elfwitch mother

Platter of food                                                                                    Elfwitch mother

Pitcher                                                                                                 Elfwitch mother

Table in cottage                                                                                  Elfwitch mother

Chairs in cottage                                                                                Elfwitch Mother


Random medieval road debris such as human and non-human skulls, broken cart wheels, Etc.


Key Pendant         Skeleton key on a cord                      Elfwitch Mother


Occult supplies     Medieval, elven, bottles, etc.         Elfwitch Mother


Guitar                                                                                        Elfwitch

Banjo case                                                                                  Elfwitch

Cell phone                                                                                  Pedestrian

Misc cash                                                                                    Pedestrians

Chest, cash filled           Large                                                   Elfwitch

Additional occult supplies                                                          Elfwitch

Chalk                                                                                             Elfwitch

Cloth wrapped skull fragment        Charred                              Elfwitch

Small chest or box                                                                        Elfwitch

Vial of dust                                                                                            Elfwitch

Shopping List                                                                                         Elfwitch

Shopping Sack                                                                                        Elfwitch

Calligraphy supplies                                                                              Elfwitch

Book of shadows                                                                                     Apprentice

Wand                                                                                                       Apprentice

Tarot cards                                                                                              Elfwitch 

Runes                                                                                                                   Elfwitch

Candles                                                                                                      Elfwitch 

Small stone                                                                                                Apprentice

Bottle of booze                                                                                          Elfwitch 

Belt pouch                                                                                                  Elfwitch 

Nerd Sword                                  Steel                                                      Nerd#1 

CD player + headphones                                                                            Chuck

Counter culture or military  books/magazines                                        Chuck

Trash can                                                                                                Office Zombie

Cell Phone                                                                                                 Office Zombie

6 throwing daggers                                                                                    Bandits

4 knives or daggers in belt sheathes                                                          Bandits

Mortar and pestle                                                                                        Apprentice 

Magazine XXX                                                                                            Nerd#1

2 pikes                                                                                                            Barbarians 

4 big daggers or knives                                                                                 Barbarians 

Bronze short sword                                                                                 Barbarians

3 Mixed medieval weapons                                                                   Barbarians 

Misc Barbarian camp supplies                                                              Barbarians 

Dragon hunter’s sword                                                                          Dragon Hunter

Duct Tape                                                                                              Chuck

Car                                                                                                          Nerd# 2 or 3

Goblets                                                                                                 Duke






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